Saturday, May 26, 2007

Should We Fear Future Technologies?

Some Christians and followers of other religions worry about the ethics of technology - are RFID chips or genetic advances to be welcomed or feared?

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Blogger Paul said...

Can one be a 'futureologist', believe in the Bible and yet be dismissive (ignorant) of prophecy from Scripture? If I am told to read the Bible (I agree), should I ignore everything which is not simply a recipe for good, moral living? Please, Dr., if biometric scanning is to as harmless as you propose, then how do we react when it is merged with the buying and selling of goods? Are not schoolchildren in the UK being retinally scanned as a means of buying lunch now? Let us not forget proper discernment in our rush to profit from the advances of modernity.

1:46 AM  
Blogger Dr Patrick Dixon said...

Technology is morally neutral. The issue is how it is used. Biometrics can be used in exactly the same way as other methods of identifying in the past - including video recording at checkouts, fingerprinting as scene of crime, and so on. No children are scanned in schools in UK in the way you desrcibe. Biometrics can be abused and can with other things erode our privacy.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Haven't you read:

The process of retinal scans, we are told, has been halted. yet that of fingerprint scans is going ahead. What will happen when those who, in an exercise of free will, refuse to get scanned?

As it is, you cannot enter the US from abroad without a hand or face scan. The system is in full swing to brainwash the masses to give assent to an Orwellian society, all the while showing this as a sexy and desirable thing through James Bond and other films, who, in order to enter 'secret chambers', get scanned. Rich and powerful people have already accepted the implantation of microchips for 'tracking'- playing on their fears of getting kidnapped. Unsuspecting youth can only follow suit.

If everything is as simple as 'how you use it', what is the purpose of the mark of the beast? Would we not be naive to presuppose there is no program of desensitization in place to slowly brainwash the people and alter the moral climate bit by bit until people think. 'there is no God', and to make them believe that freedom is somehow tied to a microchip implant?

I live in Canada and these are no longer theoretical rantings. Our good nation has succumbed at the highest levels. If you take a careful look at our new 20 dollar bill, you will see three sets of raised bumps in the top right hand corner, three sixes. This, we are told, is for the blind. Excuse me, but as far as I know, there is such a thing as 'Braille', and it can easily identify a 20 without reference to antichrist.

I am not against technology as a whole, surely we are thankful for advances in medicine, energy, etc. But what is the point of a microchip implant, without which one cannot buy or sell? The answer is in the Book of Revelation. I would hope my children will not be too naive to see the truth, that we are slowly, inexorably marching towards the cliff as lemmings. If one sounds the clarion call, know that he will suffer punishment, as it has never been the nature of society to make prophets popular.

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