Thursday, July 21, 2011

Speed of change, meaning of life, making a difference, motivation at wor...

How speed of change, uncertainty, redundancy, insecurity, job losses, personal loss, all drive search for purpose, meaning, life fulfillment, identity, and desire to make a difference. Impact on team leadership and motivation to change. Keynote by Patrick Dixon to Welsh Parliament, public sector workers, non-profit sector, charities, foundations, care workers, council workers.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Islam in the air - British Airways and prayers in flight

Sitting in a British Airways (British Mediterranean) plane in business class on the way to Kazakhstan at the invitation of the government I was interested to follow the flight map... every 30 seconds a picture of Mecca appears with an arrow directing people on the plane which direction to pray in. The same airline recently tried to ban a staff member from wearing a small cross around her neck as a symbol of her Christian faith. We are seeing a great sensitivity to the culture of Muslims and many steps being taken to facilitate their devotional lives, but at the same time Christians are being systematically marginalised both in secularised nations and also in Islamic nations. Expect a growing reaction by Christian radicals who will insist on equal respect for their own world view and religious practices.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thinking about the future

Should We Fear Future Technologies?

Some Christians and followers of other religions worry about the ethics of technology - are RFID chips or genetic advances to be welcomed or feared?

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Patrick Dixon - radio discussion starters


Radio discussion starters for series of weekly broadcasts – Patrick Dixon for Premier Radio


Church grows fast in London


*  Did you know that a new church called Hillsong in London has grown from nothing to around 6000 people since 1992…  is this part of a wider trend?


·         Original in Sydney

·         New planted church in Leatherhead, another in Kiev

·         Now another in Paris

·         Mission, culture, purpose?

·         Future?



Family life dying off in the UK?


  • Did you know that 64% of all men in Britain think it’s more important to have fun than to have children according to a new survey by the Guardian….Britains’s low birthrate is being driven by a generation who are delaying having children…. And 20% of adults are not having children at any stage in life.
  • What’s going on – is this the end of the family?
  • Are church members different or just the same when it comes to having children or not doing so?



Bible weeks more popular than ever?


  • Did you know that over a quarter of a million people will go to bible weeks this year – why are they so popular and what’s the future
  • What kinds of churches are most involved?
  • How has it changed over the last few years
  • Where’s it all going?


Baby cells repair mum’s brain


  • Did you know that cells from a growing fetus can repair a mother’s brain during pregnancy
  • What does it mean?
  • Can we use these cells to help other people?
  • Are there any ethical problems with this?




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Spirituality insights

Postings on the future of faith and religion